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End of tenancy - Please check these off to avoid further costs to you!

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  • muppet
    And from Niall


    Dear x

    Re: Property: x

    Thank you for the notice received on 22nd September 2005. We understand that your tenancy is up to and including 30th October 2005. Therefore your final automatic rent payment will be on 15th October 2005 (please cancel it with your bank after this date).

    We will commence advertising immediately. The first advertisement will be in the paper on 28th September 2005. We will call you when we have prospective tenants to show through the property.

    For your information the following are the main areas that we will be concentrating on during the Final Inspection:-

    Premises to be left in a clean and tidy condition
    Carpets to be vacuumed and free from fresh staining
    Stove, oven, hobs, roasting dishes and racks to be clean and in good working order
    ·Kitchen and bathroom cupboards to be cleaned inside and out
    ·Bath/shower, vanity and toilet to be cleaned
    ·Area behind and under stove to be cleaned
    Light fittings, ledges, tops of doors and windowsills to be free of dust
    Windows to be cleaned
    Missing light bulbs to be replaced

    Yours sincerely


    Property Manager

    All the best,

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  • End of tenancy - Please check these off to avoid further costs to you!

    From Drelly

    Please check these off to avoid further costs to you!

    1. Clean stove paying attention to drip trays and oven.
    2. Have carpets professionally cleaned. NB the Supermarket Rug Doctor is too wet.
    3. Clean windows and windowsills inside and out.
    4. Tidy gardens and mow lawns
    5. Wash and wipe kitchen, laundry, toilet and bathroom walls and ceilings paying particular attention to soap residue and mildew.
    6. Dust skirting boards
    7. Curtains should be clean. Nets should be washed in lukewarm water.
    8. All cobwebs inside and out should be removed.
    9. All cupboards to be washed thoroughly inside.
    10. Kitchen drawers must be washed thoroughly inside.
    11. All light fittings to be cleaned.
    12. Fly dirt to be cleaned from ceilings.
    13. All bulbs must be in working order.
    14. All floors (where appropriate) to be washed.
    15. All fireplaces and log fires to be cleaned out.
    16. Remove oil stains from the drive and garage.
    17. Garage should be swept clean, and free of rubbish and furniture.
    18. Return ______ sets of keys. Ring me to confirm when I can pick them up.
    19. Arrange for the power and water to be read (two days notice required)
    20. Arrange for mail to be redirected.
    21. If on a benefit advise WINZ of your new address.

    If you prefer I can arrange for my cleaner to carry out these duties for you. Her cost is $15 per hour. Failure to complete your part of the bargain and to reasonably clean a property may result in delays with bond refunds.
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