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    Hi Guys

    Latest update available for those using Rentamaster. read on:

    The long overdue latest release of RentMaster version 5.4 has recently been released.

    Choose 'Download RentMaster Update' from the RentMaster help menu to get the latest update - it is free!

    Special Offer
    There is a special 15% discount offer available for the month of May 2004. See the web site for details.

    What's New?
    - A new Building Transactions report has been created. This is a summary report intended for use with apartment blocks. It prints one summary line per unit, as well as a total for the building.
    - The ledger transactions report now has a summary option, which does not print the notes or payee. The detailed version now also prints the transaction reference number.
    - The Balance Sheet report now has a summary option. The summary prints one total for depreciation.
    - The Current Years Depreciation report has been renamed Years Depreciation. You can now specify which year the report should be for.
    - The Canadian method of mortgage calculation is now included.
    - The transaction import rules wizard has new options to blank out the notes or payee columns when the transactions are saved.
    - If the property filter is used on the income or expense list screens, that same property is now pre-selected on the transaction detail screen when you choose the Add button.
    - The database backup and restore routines now also work for networked systems.
    - A new page margins option has been added to the maintenance/options menu. This allows you to specify the top and bottom page margins. If you dont have any report printing problems, these numbers should remain as they are.

    Andrew Keat
    Product Manager

    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx