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    28 April, 2004


    BNZ’s recent marketing campaign to “cut out brokers” to apparently “give
    you a great home loan deal/rate” is simply untrue and we can prove it.
    Hybrid Mortgages can source the same low rate of 6.69% 2yrs fixed (for a
    limited time) from a major lender AND provide FREE expert property
    investment finance advice on many aspects of your mortgage borrowings.

    We have seen all too often, the perception people have about how solid
    their relationship with their personal bank manager is. But how is your
    personal bank manager expected to give you an objective opinion on the
    huge variety of competitive products, rates and terms available from other
    lenders, and determine which structure as well as which products are the
    best for your specific situation?

    Is this not the equivalent of asking your local car salesman to “honestly”
    advise you whether there may a better deal, on the same model car, at the
    car yard up the road from him? Or like asking a Ford dealer if you should
    be considering buying a Holden? Is truly objective advice really possible
    from a brand that can only offer you their own range of product?

    A quick example of this was the client of ours who had over $1,000,000
    borrowings with one bank. He had always dealt with this bank because his
    personal bank manager had given him the perception he had received a
    reduced interest rate because of his large borrowings with them. And yet
    we could have secured the same discount with that same bank if he only had
    $250,000 worth of borrowings with them and we would have achieved more
    favourable terms on the rest of his borrowings by using another bank! His
    personal bank manager had always given him the perception that he was
    looking after him, but was he really?

    And our staff (unlike some bank staff who are ‘mortgage generalists’)
    don’t write normal home loans! We ONLY provide serious finance solutions
    for property investors and because that’s our specialty we do it better
    than any generalist ever could. You wouldn’t ask your local GP to perform
    heart surgery on you so why would you ask a general banker to help
    structure the heart of your property portfolio (your funding) correctly?

    Ask yourself, whether all banks are created equal?

    - Do you know which banks are “interest only” friendly?
    - Do you know which banks are “self employed” friendly?
    - Do you know which banks are “construction loan” friendly?
    - Does your bank really know whether you have a suitable mortgage
    structure in place based on your property investment aspirations?
    - Has your bank really helped you minimise your interest rate risk?

    WE DO! To find out whether your bank is really looking after you call
    Craig on 638-3713 and get a FREE expert opinion on your investment
    property finance!
    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx