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Landlord throws out shop tenant with little notice, changes locks.

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  • Landlord throws out shop tenant with little notice, changes locks.

    Here's an odd one.

    A landlord recently evicted a Cafe business with little notice.

    The Cafe was in Wellington.
    Called PhotonFlux.
    Pity, it looked like an interesting part of the area.

    I would defiantly have given it a visit when in old windy.

    I think I know what was really going on between the landlord and the Cafe.

    Interested in other perspectives.

    Get your detective caps on.

    see v

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    Looks like they weren't paying the rent to me.
    Squadly dinky do!


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      Exactly no landlord is going to boot a tenant if they are keeping to the lease ..So much pain for commercial landlords at present as well as businesses ...


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        Originally posted by Davo36 View Post
        Looks like they weren't paying the rent to me.
        That's what I thought too, but they say they were paid up in advance, and the locks were changed while they were still ahead.

        I'm really ripped off by not being able to try the tasty looking Nachos they offered.

        Full disclosure, I don't know or have ever met either side , or ever been there, or know anyone they know.
        My only interest is in developing interesting areas of a city.

        check out this VV

        Statement: First of all our genre is not DRAMA , its Sci-Fi ! and this is surely not what we had in mind when we started this business. Nevertheless, we need to tell our story and to understand Why...
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          OK, I think I've solved it.
          Or at least come up with a possible motivation.

          The building had three floors.
          The cafe/bar was only using the lower of the three floors.
          The two other floors were as yet unoccupied.

          It's possible that the cafe was a little too loud and too bohemian.
          A noisy, unruly gathering spot for irregulars.
          The landlords probably had the Hollywood Bakery in mind,
          and they got something more similar to Mad Max and the Thunder dome.

          This would have put off other more quiet type businesses.
          And without all three floors rented, the building was not cash-flow positive.

          Considering how Covid destroyed the cafe scene,
          the landlord probably did the tenants a favor in the long run.
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