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Section 59 Crimes Act Repeal Bill

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  • Section 59 Crimes Act Repeal Bill

    For or against - Anti-smacking bill

    Due to the contentious debate surrounding Sue Bradford's Anti-smacking bill, it was felt there was a need for a comprehensive poll to gather the views and opinions of New Zealanders nationwide.

    Zenago has backed this poll by providing the researchers with a microsite capable of receiving votes and assessing an opinion poll.

    Please take the time to either support or oppose the bill and then send it on to at least five friends or family members.

    We are confident of receiving one hundred thousand votes on the bill, enabling a fair and reasonable assessment of the opinions and views held by regular kiwis.

    To vote please click here.


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    Hi Cube

    Count me in with the Religous Fundementalists which seem to make up 90% of the New Zealand population given the current standing of the poll after 15,000 votes.

    The bill is poor law, end of story. It doesn't address the issues it intends to and Sue Bradford hasn't been able to articulate a coherent argument in it's support. The need to label anyone who objects to the bill as "insert prefered slur" proves that the parlimentarians have lost the plot. There hubris knows no bounds.

    End of Rant