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  • Lease follow up

    Hi everyone

    as follow up to my previous post re buying a leasehold property I have managed to get hold of th elease document which seems to b written in some kid of ancient legalese (in the 1980s !)

    I have managed to ascertain some points from the lease as below

    1) It talks about yielding up the property at the end of the term - does this mean at the end of the term (another 100 years or so) I will have to give the property back to the landlords - do I get a right to buy it ?
    2) It seems I am responsible for any maintenance on the house even though the landlords can determine what may need to be odne in line with the lease - it also states that I have to pain the outside of the house every 4 years
    3) There is much talk of covenants in the lease - what is exactly does this mean

    any help gratefully received



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    I think I commented on your earlier post. In regards to your second point, that is what I warned of. There can be conditions and restrictions within a lease and you have to read and check it all carefully to see what you are getting yourself in for. You are probably correct in that you must paint the outside of the house every four years (but there may be restrictions on what colour). You may also find clauses about maintenance of plumbing and electrical wiring. Do check to find who is responsible for maintenance/repair of water and other underground services as well as the driveway.