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    Hi. This is my 1st post on my favourite website and I am really hoping it goes through. Am a new investor & just wondering how you guys do the sums on a property that is for sale at say $150,000, you know it is a good buy, but the agent tells you that land is valued @ $25,000, building @ $75,000, chattels @ $5,000, total= $105,000. What I am trying to say is do you always crunch the figures based on rateable value, or, if I am prepared to pay $150,000 is there a rough formula you can use to arrive at your own land, building & chattels values prior to doing the sums? Hope this doesn't seem like a silly question.

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    Hi Gary

    Welcome to Propertytalk.

    One question: what is the expected rent for the rental, please?

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      Hi GaryM

      A warm welcome to PT.

      You need to understand basic terms such as yield and cashflow, which are covered in the following thread.

      First offer on IP. What do you think
      A forum for anyone who is new to property investment and would like to ask some basic questions. We are here to help!

      Feel free to fire more questions.
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