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  • How to get on to this site

    Hi, I am a member but I have just recommended to another person to join and they are having trouble registering. I joined years ago and the webpage is quite different now. Is there a contact email address they can access to have their questions answered on what they are doing wrong that doesn’t involve joining first? Thanks.

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    Hi Hawkeye,

    Umm I wonder where they're going wrong

    At the top it says 'Welcome Register Here' so they click on 'Register Here' and a form page loads - they need to complete the form then they will get an email with an activation link - they will need to click the activation link and then sign in.

    It's really straightforward - they just need to follow the process through to completion.


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      yes, I'm having trouble finding my way round - have a question to ask re building inspection by a potential purchaser which included a meth test. Tenant says she should have been warned about the meth test and given 48 hours notice. I wasn't advised by purchaser there would be a meth test and apparently it is a standard practice for this inspector. So where do I stand?