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  • Private sale queires

    Hi there, my girlfriend and I who have never sold a house before did so via a private sale, the person who brought the house from us is a financial executive who is experienced and volunteered to do all the paperwork on her end. terms and agreements were settled on, price, expectations etc were included in the agreement. She is/was a cash buyer who was eager to purchase the house quickly. Agreements were met and the agreement was signed by both parties.
    her lawyer informed us he had received money for her into a trust to be used to pay us for the sale of the house, We had a slight difficulty with our bank account and her lawyer said that money had been bounced back to him. I resolved the issue quickly (Wednesday 15th) and have not heard any word from him nor has the money been deposited into our bank account. Just wondering what i can do as a next step as the settlement is past (12th). We have not signed anything in regards to the deed and ownership of the house, so does that mean I still maintain ownership of house?

    Any advice on next steps would be appreciated


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    Did you talk to your solicitor about this? Surely that is your first place you'd go for an answer to a legal question.

    what did they say?


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      Do you have your own solicitor in this or are you also using the purchasers solicitor?
      You need independant advice and need your own lawyer.


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        pay a solicitor very quickly to look up and see who owns the property right now

        then think of putting a caveat? on it until payment is put into your account

        then call them and tell them everything will stop if the money's not there tonight
        have you defeated them?
        your demons


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          Ok, so of course, you will never ever do this again right? Skimping on agents fees is one thing - many people do this, but by the sounds of things, you have probably sold for less than it's worth.

          But not getting your own solicitor involved is just plain stupid - sorry it has to be said.

          So, having said all that, what can you do now?

          Well as the others have said, get a solictor TODAY and get them to sort this out for you. It may cost several thousand dollars but could prevent you from losing everything.

          Get onto it straight away.
          Squadly dinky do!