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online analysis and due diligence tools/apps?

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  • online analysis and due diligence tools/apps?

    hi everyone, i'm sam from christchurch. nearly ready to buy my first investment property - equity sorted and goals nearly sorted. haven't yet found what i want, so meantime, am looking at open homes and reading reading reading - this forum is such a great resource, thanks everyone.

    i have made spreadsheets to run the numbers on the properties i'm interested in, but thinking there must be a better way? I've found the 'realestate tools' app but not yet bought the premium version because it seems a bit american. can anyone direct me to anything local, or better?

    also, for my due diligence i'm looking at the cera website for land damage, qv for rv and last sale date, mbie for price/rentalstats for the area and tmproperty for last sale price. are there any I'm missing?

    thanks in advance!