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Recommendations for a good 'team' (accountant, lawyer etc)

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  • Recommendations for a good 'team' (accountant, lawyer etc)

    I am a Kiwi, new to property investing. and have lived OS for the last 20 years. I would like to eventually retire in Christchurch. I have a trip planned in the next couple of weeks and would like to buy a couple of investment properties in the four weeks I am in Christchurch. My long term objective is to acquire more properties with each visit and I make about one visit a year. My first approach is to acquire a good 'team' and would like to hear from people that can recommend a good accountant, bank/broker, lawyer, and property manager.

    Any advice you might have in regards to my approach would be much appreciated also.

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    Hi Frankie,

    A warm welcome to PT

    For accountant, how about recommendation in this thread

    Accountant recommendation ? (Christchurch)

    Also, have you tried the Referrals section?


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      I tried adding a couple of referrals last week but the database hasn't updated - according to the referrals front page it hasn't been updated since 28 nov 2004...


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        Thanks number8. I just PMed Marc and asked him to take a look.


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          nice one fudosan


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            Marc will be updating the database very soon.


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              What about the Propertytalk link at top right of home page. It links to referral section of new website they are putting together.


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                Hi All,

                Okay some explanation is required here.

                Soon we are migrating to PropertyTalk.com. This site will house an archive of the forums - which you can view but when you go to post you are redirected to PropertyTalk.com forums and you post there.

                All your membership details will be there waiting for you so you don't need to register again.

                The 'search box' top right hand corner is our NZ Directory of businesses/individuals that have been recommended to us. The Directory is slowly being completed and due to it being referral based we are confident the listings are of reliable, reputable operators.

                That search box can reside on different websites - it add value to a site offering information on the NZ property market. It will eventually replace our 'referrals' page on this website.

                Back to PropertyTalk.com - I am creating an information post today to inform everyone of what we are doing and what we are going to provide that will improve on what you getting currently.....all exciting stuff.


                Donna :P
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                  Hi Donna,
                  I'm trying to locate a good Christchurch lawyer but can't find the referrals page or search box you mention above? Can you please point me in the right direction for this info?

                  Great site by the way!