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once u bought a rental property

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  • once u bought a rental property

    once u buy a rental property and u hand it over the a property manager to rent out, and you haven't connected the water or power yet, will the people who rent it have to set up their own power and water account in their name?

    i just want to let them set up their own power and water

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    Power is by tenant - accounts are in their name

    Water is in the name of the property owner but can be sent
    to the property manger to arrange payment by tenants.
    The fixed charges relating to supply network (if any -depends on council) are paid by the owner.
    The user charges (from meter reading) are paid by tenant.



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      Hi Lance,
      Useless bit of info re water just so you know. Whilst water is tenants responsibility if they default to a point where their water is cut off YOU have to pay the arrears as it is illegal to provide rental accommodation without water. Only happened to me once but I now check that water is paid and if not get the tenants to agree that it is to be paid out of a rent payment. Then the arrears is on rent, not water and one has more recourse with the TT


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        so if i get the water connected do i have to get the water bill sent to me, then do I have to go to the property manager and give them the bill and then wat?


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          Depends on the council and the PM. My properties with United Water will only send bills to the owner of the property. Most councils will send them direct to the tenant. I get all mine sent to my PM so she can check they've been paid or take it out of their rent where necessary.


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            I have the water rates sent to me and I forward it on to the PM. Yhis way I know it is being paid.
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