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    Hi ,could anybody please explain to the difference between Rateable value, Quotable value ,and Market value and how do you find out the market value of a property. Went to a one day Richmastery seminar and the guy there named Phil said to aim for 20% below market value. Is this possible or realistic ? He also said to get 3-4 cashflow positives first then go for capital gain which would probably mean going neg. which the 3-4 pos. would cover. Been looking at lots of properties but struggling to find CF+. All replies appreciated.

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    Hey Geeza,

    Rateable Value is the value the council use to determine your rates bills. Quotable Value is actually a company that did (still does?) all the RV figures for councils. Market Value is the figure that the market is likely to pay for any given property and Registered Value is a valuation put on a property by a registered valuer.

    Yes, you can get 20% below market value as many people here do but it's not easy... takes time and patience.
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      Hi Geeza,
      I also attended Phils academy and the deals are out there. However you need to first of all SET GOALS for your investing, then MAKE RULES.
      Then follows hundreds of hours of WORK, putting in low offers, researching an area till you know it backwards. The reason the goal part is important is that you only want to follow the Richmastery pyramid up to a point. The strategy of cash flow properties propping up capital growth properties is a good one, but it has to fit your goals. My goal is passive income only, I don't care about capital growth so I don't buy capital growth properties unless they are also positive cashflow.
      Hope this helps