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compulsory Acquisition of Land

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  • compulsory Acquisition of Land

    Hello Everyone
    Being new to forum's, posting and the like; i have joined to see if anyone out there has had any experience with property being purchased by compulsory acquisition, we are going through this at present and would like to find out others experience in the matter, where you offered a fair price etc. Any pointers that you may give - also what is the Christchurch market like at the moment? our property is unaffected by the earth quake and is acreage (life Style) in the Templeton area
    thanks in anticipation of your replies

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    I was working on a roading project in Ireland and had to deal with landowners who had land acquired off them. The ones that came out on top had a good lawyer involved, the ones who trusted the system didn't get anywhere near as good a deal. I would imagine it is possibly similar in NZ.


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      Thank you for your reply. We have sought legal advise, so we are on track as far as that goes