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Textured ceilings- removal

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  • Textured ceilings- removal

    Hi, can anyone help with advice on good textured ceiling removal company in East Auckland, & price per m2 if youve had it done? (not sure if its asbestos) Best to assume it is, I guess. thanks

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    Hi, not sure if this will be helpful as my son had this work done in Wellington. There isn't as much choice there as Akl and he obtained two quotes. One for $10,000 the other $5000. Both agencies came up to view the property first. Quote was worked out on 100sqm home and was for the texture removal and testing of air quailty only - no repair or paint of ceilings after completion. Both said it would take 4.5 days. It ended up only taking 3 and he went with the second quote.
    Regards A


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      Do a bit of research and find a company that does asbestos testing.

      Scrape a small sample off and send it to them. They'll tell you if it's asbestos or not.

      If it is, then get at least two quotes.

      If it's not - just spray the ceiling with water and scrape with a wide scraper. Make sure you have the floor covered and you're wearing old clothes. A messy job but not hard to do.

      Better to pay a little bit (<$100?) to have it tested and know you can do it yourself, rather than find out you've spent $'000s getting it done by a professional asbestos removal company when you didn't need to.

      Good luck.
      Patience is a virtue.


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        I am looking at purchasing a property myself with textured ceilings. That is a good tip - thanks.