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Looking to build in New Zealand

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  • Looking to build in New Zealand

    Hi, we are presently living in the UK but are looking into relocating to NZ.
    At present we are small time developers but are finding it increasingly difficult to find land to develop here.
    Jon worked as a carpenter in NZ many years ago and the memory of both the people and the country as well as the way of life has always stayed with him.

    Our questions are as follows:

    We would be bringing in the about $600,000 with which we would like to buy land and build our first house.
    Has anyone got any advise about which areas of NZ we should be looking into.

    Will we find getting a visor difficult to get as a builder / investor in NZ business.

    Would we find acceptance as builders from UK difficult, 20 years ago Jon found the blokes he worked with both friendly and supportive.

    These are just a few of a lot of questions we have so any input would be most appreciated.

    Cheers guys

    Jon & Stella

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    Welcome to the forum, Jon & Stella.

    We are going through the peak of a huge housing boom and there is lot of construction work still going on. I have read that there is a shortage in labour in the construction industry. There was even one company which tried to import workers from South East Asia or somewhere.

    While I don't know anything about immigration, if I were you I would contact the nearest NZ embassy to find out the visa requirements.

    Good luck.


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      In the last few years there have been, and are ongoing changes related to builders in NZ. After a period of leaky home quick builds which have tarnished the whole industry they are now in the process of regulating anyone and everything [and it looks like landlords will be the next target!?]. Check out http://www.building.govt.nz/ for more info on the licencing aspect. It does not come into effect yet and is progressive from 2007.

      Cheers, Darren.


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        Thanx for your feedback thus far.
        One of the things we are looking at is importing factory finished homes from America.
        Say what you like about the Yanks and there very dodgy goverment, but there methods of construction are way ahead of us here in the UK.

        Anyone have any info on NZ factory construction?

        Again thanx for your help guys.


        Jon & Stella


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          Hi Jon and Stella

          There are a few systems of prefab homes in NZ.

          The main one that springs to mind is the Lockwood brand.
          Perhaps if you did a search on http://www.searchnz.co.nz you may find out more about them.

          "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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            Thanx for that Muppet, yes we have seen this company, one of the few that came up on our initial google search.
            Any more names would be good if you could think of some.


            Jon & Astrid.

            PS Weather here bloody awful, just thought you guys might like that UK weather forcast, lol