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Property Management Software ?

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  • Property Management Software ?

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for some easy to use property management SW. The two that seem suited to NZ that I have looked at are 'PC Property Manager' and 'Rentmaster'. Has anyone used either of these, or have a preference for one over the other?


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    Hi Bud

    if you have any questions about PC Property Manager please let me know. You can download a free demo from http://www.pcpropertymanager.com/free_trial/index.php

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      Hi Bud,
      I am trialing both the mentioned software and thus far find them both rather fiddly to use. will have to give them a few more attempts before I can say which if neither is the better.

      I have 12 IPs and have used my own created spreadsheet, which is very simple and effective.


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        Hi Jadelotus

        Any chance of seeing a copy of your spreadsheet please?

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          Property Management Software

          Hi Bud,

          I've used RentMaster for a couple of years now and find it fairly simple to use (but I am in the I.T. industry so this may be a bit slanted?). Another thing to consider is the Customer Service received - I emailed RentMaster after crashing my computer (and losing RentMaster software in the process .... no I did'nt have a backup ) and he very quickly sent me a new copy and I was back up and running in no time at all. Hope that helps.


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            Have looked at the rentmaster software, but in our case we are only managing three IP's and find it easier and less complicated to just use a excel spreadsheet and record details on a database. Also less cost. Do you really need all the Features in these software packages?


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              Though I've never used software myself I understand that accounts online is excellent, I think it does alot of it for you through your bank.
              Try www.accountsonline.co.nz or 0800 222 268.
              Just a thought.


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                Thanks to those who have posted positive comments about my software.

                Fopr those who are not aware, I ran a PropertyTalk promotion a while ago. The discount offer still stands. Details below.

                Feel free to send me a personal message if you have any specific questions.


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                  Hi All,

                  Thanks very much for the feedback. Will have a further play with the demo versions of these 2 programs and see which I prefer.