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seminars/education material that people would recommend

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  • seminars/education material that people would recommend

    Hi there

    I am about to buy my first residential rental property. I have been reading various books and magazines to educate myself more about property investment - are there any particularly good books and seminars (I live in Wellington) that people have found particularly useful and would recommend ? I am suspicious of the self profiting/promoting purposes of some of the seminars I see advertised. I am wanting to invest quality time and money in educating myself about property investment rather than wasting time on books and seminars which are more about self promotion.

    As a general question what have been the more useful ways of gaining education and expertise about the world of property investment ?

    regards, Andrew

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    Hi Andrew and welcome to Propertytalk.

    For awesome investment related books check out our Book Store (look left and you'll see the link in the menu). What we have done for our Propertytalk community is provide a rating and comments section for each book listed so you can review valuable feedback on the books.

    In answer to your question - basically do it all when it comes to educating yourself! Some seminars and other avenues of learning are over valued - but most in my humble opinion provide something useful. Here's a thread I started recently on my thoughts of Seminars

    To provide more value on Propertytalk I've been sourcing some interesting learning events that are coming up in the next couple of months.

    We generally use our Propertytalk Promotions as a means of communicating these events so if you want to receive the info provide your email address in this link


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      Welcome Andrew. Yes read, read and keep reading, particularly books written by NZers for NZers such as Property Tax (Mark Withers), Landlording in NZ (Frank Saxton), and Martin Hawes' books.
      The big money seminars, in my opinion, often don't represent good value, although you might get a few gems and make some worthwhile aquaintances. Much of what they advocate is printed in their books.
      Your local property association should be of good help.
      Best wishes,
      Gimme $20k. You will receive some well packaged generic advice that will put you on the road to riches beyond your wildest dreams ...yeah right!


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        Hi Andrew
        For my dollars worth, I'd say join your local Property Investment Group; see if there is someone there that would be suitable & willing to be your mentor (precarious times to be entering the property game ... a wrong move could be an expensive one); network, network, network & talk to people that are successfully 'walking the talk'; research & get your 'property team' together before you buy (accountant, lawyer) & discuss your future WRITTEN plans with them FIRST so that they can help with any structures from the onset (Trusts? LAQCs? Type of loan) etc. For humble light reading with pearls of wisdom, I'd suggest 'From 0-130 properties in 3.5 years' by McKnight (Ozzy) & 'Real Estate Investor's Secrets' written & compiled by Graeme Fowler (NZ). Cheers