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  • buying a property

    I am thinking of buying a property in London/USA/Dubai.
    The property in Dubai would be an investment.
    Is it worth it? Or will Dubai prices decline?
    If I buy/ rent a flat in central London, for example, Westminster, would it really be worth it?

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    I think you need to check the background of economy on the location you like to invest in. Location is one of the most important thing to consider next is the quality of the property, I think this forum provide certain information about Dubai real estate listings. Please mind to browse threads.

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      I would stay away from Dubai, its far too volatile, some property has lost 50% and their rules are different to other places.

      If you live in London you should do the numbers.
      Can you afford to buy, even if it means you have flatmates to help pay the costs.
      Will the rent you get from them make a big dent in or cover your costs.
      Is it cheaper than renting, in which case it is a no brainer even if the value drops.

      If it will cost you more than renting, you have to assess if the long term capital gain is likely to be more than what it will cost you to carry, or if it is just an investment propety, will the rent cover the costs. For most places like London, I would expect long term capital gain is likely to make it worth it, even if prices are dropping back at present.
      What has happened here in NZ is that prices went up 50% and then fell back by 10% before returning to the previous peak values again (Nov 2007)
      The UK & US markets have reacted quite differently so you need to focus more on the cashflow you can get on the property than the capital gain.

      Can you offset losses on your property (due to interest and depreciation etc) against your taxable income, as this can make it much easier to hold the property.


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        Hi theseeker,

        Right now Dubai property prices are stable. By Charles Crowell / Bloomberg:
        “The average price for houses and flats in Dubai in the final quarter last year rose to Dh1,022 (US$27 per square foot.”

        It’s a good time for investing in Dubai, because after the final launching of Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), most experts expectations are that the prices will shoot up very soon. Therefore it could be beneficial.

        Central London like Westminster is the best for residential purposes, you should also purchase instead of getting a rental based flat. For more visit this website:


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          I think that a Property Business has no worth now because of Economic crises in the world . So it would not be useful to make investment in Property .


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            The other way to look at it is that well selected property is the only safe place to put your money during the crisis, rather than in cash which is being eroded by inflation & mass printing of $, or in Gold or silver, which should be twice their current prices if they were keeping pace with the currency devaluation going on, but instead are being manipulated by the big players.


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              Hi theseeker,
              I suggest you that you should check the background of the economy of the location. You make better decision after comparing the economies of the interested countries. Due to economic crises in the world property business has no worth now a days.