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Book recommendations for new investors

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  • Book recommendations for new investors

    Hi guys, I'm looking to start investing in the property market. I have a bit of experience with shares and found out the importance of risk management as well as the dangers of leverage quite quickly, so I suppose I'm not completely new.

    Does anyone have property books they would recommend? As a start I purchased "Building wealth through property investment" by Jan Somers and Dolf de Roos, and also "Location Location" by Michael J Boulgaris.

    I'm definitely looking to invest rather than trade, trading CFDs with borrowed money has already given me enough headaches.

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    Read these forums for all the info you can get. I had lots of books to get me started. Rich Dad Poor Dad gave me the momentum. Steve Mcknight's 100 properties in 3 and 1/2 years. Jonathon Livingston Seagull. Anything to advance my knowledge.
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      This book is the best introductory book I have read.


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        Wow - we could keep you busy for years with reading these forums with investors 'doing it now' and for books try these renown NZ residential real estate authors: Andrew King; Olly Newland; Kieran Trass; Lisa Dudson; Graeme Fowler; Martin Hawes for starters.


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          Thanks a lot guys...

          Vacuuming up all these books from Trademe as we speak

          Also got "Massive Profits in Real Estate" too.
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            Geeze some good buys on TM. Looks like recession hitting and investors flogging off stuff.
            Or maybe it is the books true values??


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              I always found the Bob Jones property books very good too, then later on really got into Russ Whitney you may have search a little for that one.



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                Wow thanks for everything here.

                I have purchased everything suggested.

                Does anyone have a title which is more specific for do-ups i.e step by step renovations...carpeting, applying wall paper, replastering walls, etc?

                Or can someone suggest a night class in Auckland which teaches you this?


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                  The Reader's Digest to Home Improvements.

                  Available on TradeMe from time to time.

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                    Been reading a lot lately. Dymocks in the CBD are closing down and marking down their books (including real estate) by 50%.

                    Got "Property Law" by Tony Steindle, "Property Tax" by Mark Withers, and "How to Survive a falling marking" published by Empower. Will post book reviews once I'm done.


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                      Originally posted by AMR View Post
                      Got "Property Law" by Tony Steindle, "Property Tax" by Mark Withers, and "How to Survive a falling marking" published by Empower. Will post book reviews once I'm done.
                      50% off? Good score! Will be interested to read your review/comments.
                      - cheers, Peter
                      (Now, if you can just buy your investment properties at something like that discount...)
                      Peter Aranyi
                      Blog: www.ThePaepae.com


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                        Tried to buy a book off your website today Peter.
                        Only got errors when pressing the submit button.

                        Hope I didn't get charged multiple times!
                        Is it just me?
                        (it often is - something about technology & ID 10 T errors)
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                          Thanks PC. Not your fault, and not just you.
                          Temporarily, we have the highly technical equivalent of a flat tyre in the EE web ordering system. Bofffins are repairing it now.
                          No charging! -- But no book either.:-)

                          UPDATE (12/6/09 10:20 AM): All fixed! Whew! Thanks again, PC. (& Thanks boffins!) Cheers, Peter
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                          Peter Aranyi
                          Blog: www.ThePaepae.com


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                            I recommend forums, blogs rather than any book. It can provide you expert's opinion and experiences. You can also find many web based tips and guides about it.


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                              is there a good book that goes into positive gearing/yelds etc and the formulas etc?