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Property in Fiji - from a very newbie

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  • Property in Fiji - from a very newbie

    Hi there

    I was thinking of buying some property in Fiji. Is there a forum for people that have property in Fiji? any assistance would be greatly appreciated! (have had a look, there seems to be forums for US, UK etc, not Fiji)


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    Hi Jizzy - and welcome to the forums.

    We don't have a specific forum dedicated to Fiji, but there have been some recent discussions about people looking at Fijian property. I suggest you do a search on Fiji to see what you find. Meanwhile, here's one to get you started:



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      Bula Jizzy,
      Welcome to PT, you will find lots of things of interest here.
      I love Fiji and have a property there, details at www.afijiholiday.com
      Where are you looking at buying?
      Fiji being so close to NZ so makes it ideal for us kiwi's, same time zone
      helps a lot as well.
      Look forward to hearing all about your property deal.
      Happy to help if I can.


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        Hi Jizzy,

        Wanted to extend a welcome from a fellow newbie. Looking forward to chatting with you down the road.


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          thanks a lot for replying.

          I have never been to Fiji but a friend of mine is from there and was wanting to buy her family home in Suva. Apparently it is cash positive (not sure yet as I havent seen any figures). I have tried looking on Google but havent been able to figure out what my income tax obligations there will be. (have been able to work out that there is a land tax on purchases).

          Also, I was not sure if anyone might have any opinions on what entity should be used or if there are any pitfalls in purchasing property over there (again, am aware of the tax issues with borrowing overseas and the tax implications there.). I guess my knowledge is quite incomplete and would really like to investigate this before i take the plunge.

          any advice?


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            Hi Jizzy,

            I would suggest you get in touch with Dean Letfus (pooomba on this forum). He spends quite a bit of time in Fiji, has various property-related activities up there and I'm sure would be happy to give you some advice.