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Hello everyone!

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  • Hello everyone!

    Hello Property talk forum members,

    I am new here just wanna say Hi to all and then start my journey here...

    Take Control of Your Financial Future...!

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    Welcome aboard

    Hi Dan

    A warm welcome to you! Wishing you every success on your journey.

    Kindest regards
    "One important key to success is self-confidence.
    An important key to self-confidence is preparation."


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      Hi Annie,

      Thank you very much for your warm welcome...

      Take Control of Your Financial Future...!


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        Hi Daniel,

        Welcome to PropertyTalk.

        You have come to the right place for help with property investing.



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          Hi Dan and Welcome.
          Enjoy all parts of PT. Remember there is all sorts of awesome information available here. There are also some great soap operas, you'll know them when you read them. Enjoy them for there entertainment.
          [email protected]


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            Hi A warm welcome to you


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              Hi guys!
              That is a real welcome round
              Im new here too and i hope everyone in the forum is as nice as you are


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                Welcome dan and welcome to you to gladdy


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                  hi everyone


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                    Hello Dan. Welcome.


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                      Hi Dan
                      I'm a newbie here also - just finally signed up tonight, but I have been visiting here for a while now. The information gained is great! Still trying to decipher all the abbreviations used though. Have just bought my 1st investment property which is a mammoth leap for me.


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                        Hi Opul and welcome to the forum!

                        Have you checked out the PT Wiki? There is a section which contains abbreviations - found here: http://wiki.propertytalk.com/index.p..._Abbreviations. Hopefully you might find it helpful.

                        There is also an old thread that has stuff too: http://www.propertytalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2655

                        Congrats on buying your first property! Yes, it IS a mammoth leap - but you'll learn so much from the process so that aiming for your next one should be a bit easier.


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                          Hi Opul
                          Welcome and congrats on the first investment.
                          Tell us about it. I think it would be great to hear from a new investor how it all went.


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                            Purchased a deceased estate in Fendalton, Christchurch and had offer accepted 5pm Xmas Eve. Merry Xmas! A few minor hiccoughs to go unconditional - mainly to do with an add on not on the title, but all sorted now. Possession last week, installing heat pump and now looking for a tenant. Was able to get 100% finance and at the same time broke a fixed mortgage on another property our LAQC has. Break fee was ok, and was able to negotiate admin fee the bank wanted to charge. Actually intend to use this place ourselves in the future (in about 5 years maybe) as a city base so numbers are not as great as a straight investment property. Now looking for another property. Would prefer something closer to home but properties here unaffordable so may look at Dunedin / Timaru / Ashburton. Does anyone here have properties in these towns?


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                              Hi everyone

                              I'm fairly new as well - have been reading through all the old threads that are helpfully grouped togeather in one of the Stickys - fantastic stuff. The older threads on this board are a treasury - wish I had been reading this board when I started out.

                              Would prefer something closer to home but properties here unaffordable so may look at Dunedin / Timaru / Ashburton. Does anyone here have properties in these towns?
                              My family have several rentals in Timaru - all are good earners. Not much capital gain of course but great cashflow with (mostly) reliable tenants. My advice would be pick your property manager well though - few hicups in that department.