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  • Grand Dream Goals

    Hi everyone,

    I love the website, but haven't been on for a while. My partner and I bought our first property with the intention of moving in and doing up before renting out, however we haven't finished renovating or getting around to moving out.

    We went to Kurek Ashley's course in August which was a fantastic course, explaining that it's a lot about mindset as well as knowing the strategies.
    I have since updated my goals and gotten back on track to becoming the successful investor I am going to be and have since decided to make a picture board of my goals as the brain prefers pictures (I think thats the theory!)
    One of my grand dream goals is to one day own a big red ferrrari and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who had a ferrari who wouldn't mind me sitting in it for a photo so that I can see the photo every day and remind myself of what I'm aiming for?

    Comments appreciated
    Have an outstanding day!

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    Ask Richmastery guys (go to forum on www.richmastery.com) - they have two or three in their "stables"
    Don't argue with idiots, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


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      Or you could try a Ferrari dealer - they might let you if you explained you were serious about being able to buy one 'soon'?


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        I am sure Mr Jones would let you if you attended his seminars.


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          Would a red suzuki alto be OK I'd be quite happy for you to sit in that.


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            Dream stealers create a nightmare?

            Hi Robbie,

            Indeed, poormastery would recommend Richmastery for your photo opportunities.

            I would advise you to be quick, just in case the dream stealers repossess these vehicles from RM.

            Good luck!