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  • Investor education

    For good basic information on understanding the sharemarket visit www.asx.com.au

    The NZX are also looking to form education modules in 2004 at www.nzx.com
    (NZX was formally known as NZSE)

    The ASX site (Australian Stock Exchange) also runs a paper trading simulation where you can practice trades in a dummy portfolio - using real share values.

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    So I need more than Metastock?
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      Hi Sarah - thanks for your post

      My information and links were aimed at the investor who is interested in learning about shares and may not have had any exposure to shares or may think that they are too risky to have as part of their overall portfolio.

      While programs such as Metastock are useful, they don't teach the basics required to trade safely and successfully (and I'm not saying that the education methods on the sites mentioned can achieve this either - but may give the new investor a better chance of grasping the basics than an advanced program will)

      I would advise learning about shares and how the markets work before purchasing (or subscribing to) Metastock or similar products.

      Paper-trade first before trading for real - until you are comfortable with the mechanics of the sharemarket.

      Steps to beginning share trading;
      Learn how to read company accounts and how the markets work
      Set up a brokerage account
      Paper trade

      Once you are comfortable trading you may wish to use Metastock or a similar product to help choose which shares to purchase and/or when to trade them.

      Always be aware that you may not recover your initial outlay.
      this applies to any software and also to those that do not use charting / analysis software.

      For those people interested in purchasing Metastock in NZ - visit the reseller link here

      I am not associated with the partner mentioned in the above link in any way.


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        Another point to note is that Metastock and Metashare are 2 completely different companies and applications.

        Details on Metashare can be found at www.metashare.com.au

        I have attended a seminar (although this was some years ago) held by Metashare - and chose not to purchase the product, or it's associated market data.

        I also asked that the pictures that were taken of us that evening (as we listened to the presenter) be destroyed as they had intended to use them in sales literature, and did not tell us this until the end.

        All may have changed now - so therefore I do not wish to sway anyones opinion by events that happened over 2 years ago.