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MSF - mutual superannuation fund + new Zealand

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  • MSF - mutual superannuation fund + new Zealand

    Hi there

    Not sure where the best place is to post this as it is a new zealand product as such, so feel free to move.tks

    Appreciate any advice on this. I am in my late 20's and have enough disposable income per year that I would like to start investing. I am looking to
    start at maybe 1/2K per year initially. maybe $100 a month or something like that.

    I am thinking of starting a investment and I was thinking of using these but i do not have much
    knowledge in the area. I don't really know what questions to ask of such a service.

    Some questions I do know to ask are:
    How does this product work exactly? I am not very familiar with superanuation funds and there structure
    What taxes do I pay?
    Can this product be used in conjunction with kiwi saver that i set up through work?
    What is the total amount of money currently in the fund?
    Can i get a full list of properties in the fund?
    What are the ongoing/maintainence fees that I have to pay?
    How often do I get a statement of how my investment is doing?
    What details are disclosed in this statement?
    What are the cash out options on this fund? Is it a fixed or variable period?

    Other peoples advice/experience I am looking for:
    I am basically look to hear from other people out there and their experiences with these types of products?
    This particular one is property focused, but what other products are out there like this?
    I would also like to have a better idea of what questions to ask before commiting to either option?