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    We have asked for and got some information on one of the Multilevel Marketing business opportunities, or scams, depending on your point of view, available.

    Has anyone else participated in one, looked at one, been burnt by one - any experiences, good and bad, would be of interest.

    PMs accepted to protect the innocent!


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    I've been researching the internet based "hyip"s for some time and there is the odd one that is legitimate, but 99% of them will lose you money.
    If you want a bit of a gamble with money you don't mind losing then I would suggest you visit a site like www.goldpoll.com and at least get a list of known scams and which schemes are reasonably solid. However if you don't want to get ripped and want to earn good money to the tune of say 3 to 10% per month then get Jamie Mcintyres free book and DVD and learn about covered call strategies on the sharemarket. Much lower risk and just as much fun. If you insist on trying the multi level game visit www.detailshere.com. The guy could save your shirt!!
    Good luck


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      I got hooked by Amway a number of years ago.

      I know, I know. But I was young at the time and did not know better.

      Lots of hype and discussions on how I could spent my first million while thinking how to get my second. It is legal, but not many people are going to do any good out of it. I left after about 2 months and got my money back.

      That one goes down as a learning experience. Never trust salespeople, and If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.


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        A real good expose` of Amway is in a free download PDF file called "Merchants of Deception" and I think you could add Herbalife as they use same practices. Products are generally good but far too expensive for most people and seem to rely on continual "training sessions" at various venues that cost and at the end of the day you work your butt off but actually earn bugger all. Very few genuine earners in the MLM area,

        Most rely on you bringing others into the "scam" called your downline and you supposedly make your dough through their efforts to create their own downlines. A system I find distasteful, preferring to be rewarded for own efforts, not those of others.

        Better off investing time, effort, and/or money in a few good IPs than chasing the elusive MLM millions.

        Enjoy the day



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          Robert Kiyosaki Says hes often asked why he recommends Network Marketing, especially if hes not in the network marketing businesss.

          "Unlike many people, early on I had a very negative or close-minded attitude towards Network Marketing. But I've changed my mind, I've opened up the way I think, I've looked at the Network Markting Industry and I find some things that are extremely beneficial, especially for people who are looking to make some changes from the E and S quadrant over to the right side of the quadrant.

          One of the beauties of Network Marketing is they actually teach you the mental, emotional and technical skills to be in the B Quadrant. Because the system has the potential of building a system of over 500 people in it, plus unlimited income. The things that Network Marketing teaches you is the most important skill in the B Quadrant, is the ability to sell.

          One of the reasons I worked for the Xerox Corporation when I got out of the Marine was to learn how to sell. My Rich Dad said if youre gonna be in the Business Quadrant and become big business, you must learn how to sell or communicate to employees, specialists, investors to raise capital as well as to my customers. Communication or Sales skills are essential for somebody in the B Quadrant. And the Network Marketing Industry (not all of them) but some of them have excellent training to teach you how to sell, how to communicate and how to build businesses. The other thing thats beautiful about the Network Marketing Industry, it teaches you self confidence. The reason wht many people are not good in the B Quardrant is they are afraid of rejection and Network Marketing teaches you how to handle your own fears, overcome your fear of rejection and build that self confidence. Thats essential for the B Quadrant. It also gives you time.

          In the real world when I worked for xerox corp for four years, if I didnt sell I was fired. The Beauty of network marketing industry is they work with you. You can take as much time as you like to develop those skills. As your skills increase so does your income. Take 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, It takes time to develop those skills. Network Marketing Industry gives you education and the time to build that self confidence.

          Once you have your business up, with all the excess money coming in from the business, you can invest your money in Real Estate, Stocks and Bonds and thats what the cashflow game teaches you to be, how to be a succesful investor, especiall an investor in the fast track. The fast track is where the rich invest. So the beauty of Network Marketing, it builds you up, teaches you how to increase your income, builds your self confidence and the cashflow games teaches you how to invest. Thats why I recommend Network Marketing and thats why I work hand in hand with many of those businesses."

          Hope this helps