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  • DIY Home Selling Tips

    No Need for Realtors Guaranteed

    Why pay good money for help you don’t need? Finding a nice realtor to work with is harder than it looks, and those who do fit your requirements tend to charge more than you’re able to afford. If you’ve decided to sell your home, here are a few tips to ensure that you get the deed done quickly and without professional assistance.

    Fix and Spruce Things Up
    Beautify your home is always the #1 tip given by realtors and you should follow it even if you’re working solo in this instance. Start on those requiring major repairs and restorations: leaking roofs, broken windows, and the likes are huge turn-offs for buyers. If you’ve got time and money to spare, be sure to renovate the interior as well.

    Last but not the least, move out; people prefer to view homes when they’re clean, uninhabited, and depersonalized. Empty homes are better in helping them envision themselves living in it.

    Putting up a For Sale sign in your yard is a good way to advertise, but it’s definitely not enough. Take advantage of the usual avenues for real estate marketing such as placing ads and relying on your contact network for word-of-mouth marketing. Don’t forget to use the Internet: place ads in forums, mention it in your blog, and post it in the bulletin in social networking sites.

    Offer a Virtual Tour
    Some people prefer to see the photos first before paying a personal visit. You can entertain this type of buyers by setting up a virtual tour for your home. If you know someone good with a camera, ask for help to get the best photos of your home. Upload them online and be sure to include the link in your ads.

    Show and Tell!
    Finally, be ready to entertain potential buyers. Know the best features of your home, be prepared for the usual FAQ of buyers – how long have you owned it, how many people have lived here, etc. Some buyers are won over more by the seller than the home, and that’s never a bad thing!