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Ukrainian stock market

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  • Ukrainian stock market

    "UFC Capital", the Ukrainian broker company, is looking for partners and investors for working on the Ukrainian stock market.
    "UFC Capital", the Ukrainian broker company will represent you interests on the Ukrainian stock market.
    We have a web-site in English, analytical materials, financial news (daily, weekly),e-mail subscription.
    Our company provides a full range of financial information about the Ukrainian stock market.

    Brief info.

    The PFTS, the Ukrainian stock exchange index, grew by more than 100% since the beginning of this year.
    There are shares, which quotations for the last 6 months grew by more than 100%.
    The Ukrainian stock market has excellent perspectives for further growth.

    If you have any questions, please contact me.
    Thenk you and best regards.
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    Information to think

    1) The Ukrainian economy is developing at accelerated pace and only this year the GDP growth amounted to 7%, which is one of the highest indicators across the world.

    2) This year Ukraine will join the WTO.

    3) Ukraine and Poland won the right to host the European Football Championship – Euro-2012, which will additionally attract not less than $20 bn. as additional investments and generate not less than $7 bn. as profit from this event.

    4) Ukraine will sign a new 10-years’ agreement with Europe on more extensive cooperation in business area.


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      sorry mate I don't think anyone here will be interested - but best of luck in your search for clientèle.
      Don't argue with idiots, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


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        Originally posted by Ivanhoe View Post
        sorry mate I don't think anyone here will be interested - but best of luck in your search for clientèle.
        Ok, never mind, but I’ll be much obliged if you hint me where to look for!


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          News Ukrainian stock market

          Here you can find Ukrainian stock market news to see this market development dynamics

          Kiev, July 24. INTERFAX-UKRAINE

          The PFTS index after the trades on Tuesday grew by 1.96%, or by 21.1 points, – up to the historical maximum of 1095.7 points. The index is growing for ten consecutive days, and it is the fifth day when it updates its historical maximum.

          On Tuesday the energy companies’ shares went up rather significantly, including due to the good financials demonstrated by Donbasenergo, Dniproenergo in the first six months of the year. Specifically Donbasenergo quotations grew by 7.74%, and of the other generating companies – by 2.7%-2.75%.

          As soon as the news related to the shares buy-out became wide-known the equities of Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsk Tube Rolling went up by 5.77%.

          As to the other “blue chips” a considerable increase on Tuesday was again demonstrated by the iron and steel securities: Enakievo Steel – 3.75%, Mariupol Illich Iron and Steel – 2.79%, Azovstal – 1.87% and Ukrnafta – 2.04%.

          Among the securities of the second and third echelon it is necessary to highlight a large deal with the shares of Dakor (sugar producer) for amount of UAH 20.37 mn., which followed the placement of a 20% stake in Ukrros, a large sugar holding, for $42 mn., and 2.1. times growth of AvtoKrAZ Holding quotations, as well as a 14.3% increase of Zaporizha Abrasives shares, and a 9.5% increase of Crimeenergo.

          Vadim Grib, the Tekt Group CEO, in his interview to Interfax-Ukraine commenting the market situation specified that it is caused by continuing inflow of funds from foreign buyers and insufficient shares offering.

          "On the Russian stock market the yield is lower than in Ukraine. Therefore, the portfolio investors operating in CIS countries are more actively entering our market” – he said. According to him, the comparison of relative indicators of the Russian companies with the Ukrainian ones demonstrates that they are underestimated to a certain extent.

          Meanwhile, Mr. Grib noted that the Ukrainian investment funds now more frequently are facing the problem related to the best entering the assets, which makes them more frequently pay attention to the securities from the second echelon.

          Since the beginning of the year the PFTS index has grown by 119.64%