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How to get direction-am into Real Estate Investing

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  • How to get direction-am into Real Estate Investing

    I am looking for some help and guidance to learn about Real Estate Investing. I need something that will walk me step by step through investing in Real Estate. I have read a few books and attended a few seminars on the matter but they are not what I am looking for. I am specifically looking for a product or a trainer that will tell me my options on obtaining the money to do deals or even if have to put money down at all, etc.

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    Hello semetha,

    Welcome to this site.

    I might help out for a fee.

    What would you expect to pay for six months' guidance/mentoring?

    Private message me if you'd prefer.



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      Xris - I suspect you are just being a wee bit naughty! Are you being genuine in offering your mentoring services?


      Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you will find a wealth of information here .... and some helpful forumites! Why is it that you are unhappy with the information you have read or heard so far? Which seminars have you attended? Have you spoken to a mortgage broker to see how they may be able to help you?

      I suggest you start reading your way through the wealth of information on this site. You will find a huge amount of info - some of it helpful, some of it not. And you will find a range of opposing views on just about everything. But this is all good - as it allows you to challenge what you hear and what you think is the right thing to do.

      Can you give us a bit more info in terms of what it is you are wanting to achieve out of property investment.
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        Hi Semetha, welcome to the forum.

        The usual advice in no particular order is:
        1. Read PT, it won't give you specific advice (Well it will but not in a coherent fashion) but it does contain a lot of collected knowledge and wisdom. Look in my signature for some highlights.

        2. Buy some investors a cup of coffee and/or attend one of the propertytalk get togethers, you can pick brains in an informal (and non-expensive - free) setting.

        3. Andrew King & Lisa Dudson's book Residential property investment in New Zealand gives an excellent introduction to the basics.

        4. Pay someone to mentor you.

        5. Think for yourself and work your way through coming to understanding property and how it works. I suspect that initially this will be harder and slower, but in the end it is more rewarding if you understand property rather than apply a magic formula.

        Xris, let us know what you are willing to charge... It might be worth it just to reveal your secret identity Unless you are going to be the masked mentor...

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          Hello semetha,

          Despite the obvious scepticism of my good friends here my post was meant seriously. I am not saying I will do it, but at this stage I am first interested in knowing a little more about what you want where and why etc. The balls in your court. PM if you want to.



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            There ya go!!!

            Xris - THE MASKED MENTOR! - green cape flying wildly behind him/her - DAA TAT!!!, DA TAAAAAA.

            Quick, someone find an avatar for that.
            Patience is a virtue.


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                The problem with many seminars is that the speaker is more focused on selling you their product or boot camp versus giving you real knowledge that you can apply.

                An ideal product trainer is ********* The content is very informative and I’m sure you would be benefited.

                Good luck,
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                  Hi Semetha,

                  The exact question you asked was about getting finance.

                  I would recommend you pm/email Kris Pederson with your situation, an example of a deal you are looking at, and what you want to do with it.

                  If the deal is good enough you will find the finance for it. Just depends on how much that finance costs and when you can shift the loan to a High St bank lender.

                  You dont say what part of the country you are in. Check out the Events thread here on the forum and come along to a PT event. Lots of investors at different stages of investing. Plus go along to a local property investors meet.

                  All the best,



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                    Just to warn all readers Semetha is a fake poster, her posts and someone (Who is almost certainly the same person) like Wilson Flagg who posted above have posted precisely this set of comments on plenty of other sites to try and get people to go to the website I have edited out above. I didn't delete the thread or post since people replied honestly and it would be a shame to lose this helpful advice due to these evil spammers.

                    David Hunter
                    PT Moderator
                    New to property investing? See: Best PropertyTalk Threads for New and Old Investors And/Or:Propertytalk Wiki