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How they do it stateside

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  • How they do it stateside

    I get sent the Mr Landlord newsletter and in the latest issue they have some responses on a security issue which is not relevant to most but one man who has recently left his job has since bought "110 units"! Wow.

    They also have a red flag section - how to spot the dodgy tenant which is amusing: http://bbs.mrlandlord.com/qanda/datafiles/12126686.mgi2
    12 RED FLAGS
    * If you don't allow pets and they have one but say they'll get rid of it.
    * Bring their parents with them and the parents do all the talking.
    * Introduce themselves as the only prospect but mention they're engaged.
    * Leave ANYTHING blank on the application
    * They ask, "What do you mean by references required?"
    * You can hear their car before you see it.
    * For me it has been, How many bathrooms does it have? with the sound of screaming kids in the background.
    * Caller I.D. says, Payphone.
    * They say,"We're packed and ready and we'll take it though they haven't seen it yet.
    * They ride with someone else.
    * Gives a reference but won't give back to back according to dates.
    * Carry a cigarette in the house without asking.
    * More interested in storage than the house.
    Tips From Tim in Arkansas.

    * Only reference is their parole officer.
    * Last address is a vacant lot.
    * Shows up to see unit intoxicated.
    * I recognize them from their photo in the paper for a recent assault charge.
    * Ask me to pay the electricity, and they'll reimburse me, because "the electric company has it out for me".
    *They drive to the appointment, but don't have a drivers license.
    * "I can't pay the deposit until I get my settlement from the last landlord I sued".
    * Ask if I can put another bathroom into a one-bedroom unit.
    * Cigarette burns in their jeans.
    * Slaps their child in front of me.
    * Come with 6 kids, "Only one of them is mine".
    * "You seem like an awfully nice man....
    * Spit on the floor when I tell them a credit check and criminal background check are required.
    All true and based on my actual experiences.
    Tips From Dan in Maryland
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    Hi Cat!

    Hehe.. I am glad my old landlords never saw this list! I would never have had a flat when I was younger.


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      Why, Marc?

      Is it the 6 children or the parole officer?