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  • Strange occurences

    Just read this news article - thought I'd share it with you all......a good reason to get life insurance, building insurance, contents insurance and every other insurance!

    Block of ice lands in kitchen

    It came from the sky – a block of ice the size of a rugby ball falling with enough force to smash straight through Jan Robertson's roof in Meadowbank, east Auckland.

    Travelling at an estimated 450kph, it punctured the concrete tile roof, carried on through the void, the ceiling and a light socket before landing on the kitchen bench last night.

    "There was this terrific bang like goodness knows what," she said.

    "I could have been in there cutting up vegetables."

    It was just before 5pm, and Mrs Robertson, 80, was cleaning a bedroom while her 83-year-old husband Bruce was out pulling weeds – both just metres from where it hit.

    They both ran inside to check the other was okay and found the ice on the bench.
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    When your times up, your times up !!

    Scary stuff - especially on a warm day too.


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      It'll be fish or frogs next!

      Least they'll hurt less...



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        Originally posted by jas
        It'll be fish or frogs next!

        Least they'll hurt less...

        You're not thinking big enough, jas.....

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        Happy whaling



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            Hi Guys

            Talking of getting into hot water:

            Cricketer gets into hot water
            31 January 2004

            A Rotorua cricketer found himself fielding at deep, deep fine leg after the earth on a cricket ground collapsed beneath his feet and dropped him into a hole filled with hot water.

            The man, who had been fielding during an inter-business social cricket match at Kuirau Park, was taken to Rotorua Hospital and treated for burns to the lower part of one leg on Tuesday night.

            Rotorua District Council geothermal inspector Peter Brownbridge said the water was an old spring that had probably been there "for years and years".

            The man's leg had left a hole about 30 centimetres in diameter. A combination of a heavy tractor mowing the outfield and the man stepping on a particular weak spot probably led to the cave-in. The water was about 70 degrees celsius and would have been "most uncomfortable", he said.

            Council workers had fenced off the area, and were looking to drain the spring and fill it in to stop a repeat.

            "Once we're finished, that area will probably be one of the safest areas in the park."

            Games scheduled to be played at the park this weekend have been cancelled.

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