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Lovers locked in passion

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  • Lovers locked in passion

    I've just read this news story.....thought you'd find it funny too.

    West Auck couple choose boot of Holden Barina for passionate encounter but accidentally lock themselves in - twice
    17 January 2004

    A West Auckland couple have spent eight hours trapped in the boot of a car as their night of passion went horribly wrong.

    The pair climbed into the boot of a Holden Barina only to find themselves trapped after two hours and running out of air.

    They used a cellphone to call for assistance and were freed by staff from the Western Lights Tavern.

    Thinking that they had learned their lesson the couple climbed back into the boot and used a rag to prevent the the hatch locking again.

    However that fell out in the heat of the moment.

    Firefighters came to assist the second time and the locked-in lovers were released just before 6am.
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    In the boot!

    What were they? Little people?


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      Hi Guys

      Nah. Just a big boot. Perhaps it was a big American tank.

      "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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        This story has to be wrong, I think they have the wrong car. A Barina is a midget car, it's the really small car that rental companies have as their cheapest. You can almost fit one large suitcase in the back of these

        Since they are westies I'm guessing it's a Berlina which is an older model of Commodore.


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          Why didn't they goto the local lover's lane like everyone else? unless they where going for the 'we did it in the most unusal places' award...



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            Hi Jas

            Here in the UK you often see signs with 'ishaggedhere' on them (in public places)

            Some parts of London are littered with them (like Islington for example)

            Check out www.ishaggedhere.com for more info

            It's a crazy game that some Brits play - to see where the most outrageous place they can 'do-it' is


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              investor, I love it!

              but the link brings up a 404 error for me

              I have to admit I knew about the award as I tried for it when I younger. but how did you??