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Thinkg outside the square for property investors

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  • Thinkg outside the square for property investors

    As a property investor you may need to think outside the square on how to solve problems or create cashflow. Have a think about the following quiz and see if you can think out of the square.

    There are three light switches on a wall, one of the switches controls a light upstairs, the other two switches control lights that you can not see. You can only go upstairs once.

    How do you figure out which light switch controls the light upstairs?
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    I'll give it a go without looking at the answer.

    I go upstairs, and then ask Propoholic to turn on and then off each switch. The one that changes the light upstairs is the one, without me having to break the rule.


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      Well Done Fudosan,

      Very good answer...... certainly outside the square.