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One way to fix house shortages

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  • One way to fix house shortages

    from the NZ Herald's Letters section on New Years day 2001
    I have just visted Auckland for the first time in many years. What a wonderful city it is, and what a shame Aucklanders have to worry so much about security and violence, and that some haven't enough money now housing is so expensive.

    Finding, however, that lots of other Aucklanders have two or more houses, a solution occurred to me: why doesn't every family with a second house give it to a family who hasn't got one?

    They would keep their better house, so would still be the better-off people in society and have the advantages that provides, but those less well-off would be less likely to steal from or be violent towards people who had given away their second houses.

    And the people who had been given houses would have more money for food and clothing and things like that, so they would be better off as well. I thought Aucklanders might like to think about this.
    Paul Star, Dunedin
    Wealth vs Health - why have both when you can gorge on one?

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    I'm sure the farmers in Zimbabwe would like to be able to 'think about' this piece of social engineering as well.

    Maybe all the landlords in Dunedin would like to give their houses to the students, too.

    Off on holiday now.



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      I think it is safe to assume the person who wrote this letter did not own a house in Auckland, and would quite like one please. Forget about the concept of hard work and earning what you get. It would be so much easier for someone else who has already done the hard work, just to give you a house. I wonder why no-one else thought of this?


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        Managing and controlling money is a skill. If I found myself with nothing but a solo mothers benefit I would not be poor for long, even if I didn't use my university qualifications.

        I also believe that if I won a Million dololars I would soon be a multi millionaire while another persojn would buy a dream car, a dream house some nice clothes, go on holiday and be surprised before the year is out to discover that " hey" a million isn't what it used to be, duh I better go back to work to put food on the table cause I have no income!

        You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or give him a fishing rod and teach him to fish

        Getting out of the rat race


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          Hi Guys

          Finding, however, that lots of other Aucklanders have two or more houses, a solution occurred to me: why doesn't every family with a second house give it to a family who hasn't got one?
          Well I ask you?

          Perhaps if we gave up smoking, gambling, drinking, sex, swearing and anything else that could get in the way then everyone could have two houses.

          "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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            Well, I agree!

            Can somebody out there please give me one of you two Auckland houses? That would give me a very positive cashflow start to my NZ investing.....


            Guess not. Oh well, maybe I'll go back to earning my money, and making what I have work for me so I can buy one all by myself without waiting for a handout.

            Don't 'they' say that if you redistributed all the wealth evenly throughout the world, that it would be less than a couple of years before it was back in the proportions that it was before? Maybe what these people need is education, rather than to 'win lotto'



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              Hi all,

              Well I'm taking a concept mentioned by John Burley that 10 percent of your gross income goes to charity. So convert this to IP's every JB follower should donate 1 IP for every 10 IP they have to the Wada Charity... ummm that sounds good

              I think this person is part of the Nandor Tanczos team. For those who don't Mr Tanczos is a MP in NZ for the Green Party, Rastafarian, confessed dope smoker, free love kind of guy. For those Tanczos fans out there I apologise for my bias views. Both these people provide great ideas for a better life but in reality it just doesn't work.



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                Exactly! Communism in its purest form is as close to Christianity as possible, problem is it doesn't work.
                If we are all equal despite our differing skills etc and are all paid the same have the same house etc we have NO MOTIVATION at all to improve ourselves.

                It is human nature to be driven by our desires, whether they be to help others, help our family, improve our own life. Total equality equals total mediocracy.

                If everyone in the jungle were rabbits and ate only grass the jungle would soon run out of grass and the rabbits would soon starve. We need every type of animal in the food chain. At least unlike the jungle every rabbit can become a Lion in our worls if they only are determined enough.

                Getting out of the rat race



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                  Well done Paul - now time for your next lot of medication