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Strange accounting by previous owner

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  • Strange accounting by previous owner


    Recently we bought out a competitor, it was a bargain since he was motivated due to some " fraud" that he was involved in.

    We discovered some very interesting accounting on his part.

    1) He had been paying off the mortgage on his house from the business cashflow

    2)He turned up with his personal Amex bill of over $20,000 and demanded that the accounts person pay it. When they said it is a personal bill he said pay it or you are fired.

    The funny bit apart from the fact that this poor honest person got fired was that assuming that the person had paid it he took out many people to dinner at an expensive restuarant wanting to show off what a SUPER Mover and Shaker he was and in front of everyone his AMEX was declined

    Extra irony is the fact that he makes his living teaching people how to be the " Movers and Shakers" of this world nudge nudge, wink wink say no more.

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    If they are so dodgy then how come you give them control of your web presence?

    Methinks you were spurned by PRJ and are now out to make (more) trouble. From what I can see Tucker and Co are firmly in the back pocket and the balance of power is very much on the side of PRJ. If it's not then they have to look very carefully at how they present to the world because I'm not convinced. And if I'm not will the banks be ... or will they try and close Premier down too?
    Wealth vs Health - why have both when you can gorge on one?


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      Our competitor was a security company that just happened to be owned by the mover and shaker I refered to.
      He has fingers in many different pies.

      It was a good guess though Cat


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        aaaah, I see (dp!)
        Wealth vs Health - why have both when you can gorge on one?


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          Since you seem to be in the know...

          The NBR article mentioned that PRJ was married to a "bikini model" as most men would like to be.

          I noticed that he handed over control of a company to a Corinna Jones and assumed that that must be his wife. A quick hunt and I found these...

          * http://www.eroticaexpo.co.nz/media/2001/cor.htm
          * http://www.stunrz.com/set.asp?body=/...%20Profile.htm

          Is this his wife?
          Wealth vs Health - why have both when you can gorge on one?


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            This thread could get personal..........


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              The model is the wife of the person you are refering to yes but I neither confirm or deny any possible connection to the topic of my post.
              I simply happen to know that particular fact.

              You certainly have a knack for scratching the surface Cat.
              It is a very interesting website isn't it?