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My probation officer will write me a reference

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  • My probation officer will write me a reference

    I thought I had heard it all till today.

    Hi Glenn its Mavis here goes the lovely friendly voice.
    My son is desperate for a place of his own. Can he look at your place.
    I did make an appointment with you for him to look at another place with you but he did not turn up. He can get a reference from his probation officer.
    Well this was too much and needed a good response I thought.
    So I told her if he could not get off his bum to look at a place for himself he did not have much chance of ever getting house.

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    I like the classic phone call...

    Me: "Hello"
    Them: "Did you advertise a house for rent?"

    Me: "Yes."
    Them: "Can I have it?"

    ... oh sure... what's your name by the way?
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      Our education system has a lot to answer for.
      They must go to a dwarf school.
      That is why we call them low life.
      The other query I get that gets up my nose is the question.
      "have you showed many people through it"
      I always respond with "how many properties have you looked at"