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Business requirement v/s IT delivery

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  • Business requirement v/s IT delivery

    Business requirement v/s IT delivery

    Client: “Our next requirement, this is something big, you know, we need an elephant…”
    IT team: but why don’t you adjust with a buffalo, even it is big…. and black?”

    Client: No, we need only Elephant, let me explain our current process……………..” (client explains for an hour)
    IT: Fine, I understand your requirement. But our system supports only buffalo…

    Client: We need only elephant!
    IT: Ok, Let me see if I can customize”

    Requirement Finalized: Client wants a big black four legged animal, long tail, less hair. Having trunk is mandatory.
    The same was documented, signed off and sent to offshore for development!

    At the Offshore Development Centre,
    Design/Development – Base on requirement all features are supported in base product (as buffalo) , for trunk alone
    a separate customization is done.

    Finally the customization is shown to client

    Client looks ....

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    Sounds a lot like this bit of project mis-management:

    Want a great looking concrete swimming pool in Hawke's Bay? Designer Pools will do the job for you!


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      Haha lol very true. I loved it. Very hilarious.
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