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    Computer, computer upon my desk
    So much to choose from, what should I do next?
    O woman, O woman upon the chair
    Stay where you are: venture not from my lair

    With tender hand caress keyboard and mouse
    As for him, worry not about your spouse
    For cooking and cleaning will always be
    But so much drudge they are compared to me

    Rumplestiltsin will come in dark of night
    Dust bunnies he surely will put to flight
    And if by chance he has some time to spare
    Then in the garden the weeds he'll not spare

    But there's the table to wipe, bench to clean
    Things I must do else he thinks I'm so mean
    Clothes to fold and then the ironing to do
    These things really should all come before you

    My fair lady so sweet, don't be so mean
    Far too much there be to wash and to clean
    Make bed or clean fridge is really the pits
    To slave at such stuff is truly for twits

    So when you look round at start of the day
    Ponder what t'will be that is to hold sway
    My siren voice says to you I'm the most
    Luring you to me in a room so close

    So concern yourself not about the house
    Keep eyes on monitor and hand on mouse
    For just between us both that's you and me
    The Internet is where we want to be.
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    Great poem. Truly defines our relationship with the computer today.


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      Nice poem.


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        thank you this is very nice poem