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  • DBH Fantasy Request?

    Subscribing to our service (DBH)

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    10 Aug 2011 - here goes . . . .
    • Perhaps you could mention any DBH tenant education programs?

    • Or Seminars for tenants on their obligations under the RTA?

    • Does the Department offer tenants a wide range of free news and information services? If so, what's the uptake like?

    • Does the Department offer TT Adjudicators any training in consistency of RTA interpretations and determinations?
    No answer, yet. Lucky I didn't hold my breath.

  • #2
    I think you are flogging a dead horse here Perry.

    I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

    An acknowledgement wouldn't be too much to ask though. Or would it?

    Perhaps your questions are too pertinent.


    • #3
      Still working on my issue Perry. May be off to the disputes tribunal in a month or so.

      Facebook Page


      • #4
        By making the request, the opportunity exists for the DBH
        to demonstrate even-handedness towards tenants, as well
        as LLs. The deafening silence only confirms what most of
        us already know about TS & the TT.

        Still, they did need to be given the chance.


        • #5
          Have a good look at the request and letter.
          They say they are improving things. Yes sure. How come it is often taking two weeks to even acknowledge tribunal applications.
          How come they do not even supply an email address you can send queries or additional information to.
          How many of you have tried to ring the call centre and had your call terminated due to over loading.
          How many weeks does it take for a mediated order to be sent to the district court for sealing.
          How many of the staff are loosing faith in their senior management.


          • #6
            Don't worry, Glenn - Phil'll fix it, for sure.
            Just wait till after the election, OK?


            • #7
              Is that what they'll spend all the capital gains tax fixing?
              The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.


              • #8
                Yep, service is worse than ever.
                Obviously they can't be bothered monitoring this site or they would be embarrassed. Well would be if you could embarrass them.

                But what can you expect from a dunderhead like Heatley. Can't chuck-out crap tenants after spending a million on court cases and his henchman at HNZ was a disaster in her previous role.