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Council plan to restrict brothels comes under fire

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  • Council plan to restrict brothels comes under fire

    Hi all,

    Have a read of this intro to an article. If anyone has seen or been to this area they will know how stupid this statement is in comparing Kings Cross to Whangarei.

    Whangarei's central business district (CBD) could become a red light district like the notorious Kings Cross in Australia.

    This scenario was put forward during a Whangarei District Council meeting to hear submissions on the proposed bylaw restricting brothels to the CBD.

    Sue Cates told the WDC that she spent 14 months managing a hotel in Kings Cross that covers an area equivalent to Cameron Street from the Mall to the police station and Vine Street.

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    There is a brothel operating out of a house 10 doors down, very discrete. I didn't even know it was there until a taxi driver explained why me and my flatmate would be laughed at when we would jump in a taxi in the early hours and ask to be taken to **** St. Some of the other neighbours didn't realise until a photo was published in the paper decrying suburban brothels. It doesn't seem to affect property values at all.


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      I have a tenant that has operated a brothel from home at two different locations for many years. Both times I got the OK from the owners first.
      They have never been a problem. Lara the madam runs a good ship, I even had some of my Rotarian friends suggest I get her along one night to talk to us. We never did though. I always wondered if some of the members were scared of being greated by her on a first name basis.
      Now the local city council wants to restrict the brothels to central city locations. Sadly due to an industrial accident the house is now out of operation (she got pregnant). Not too sure if she is on ACC or not nor if she reported this to OSH.
      At least I get to tell some great stories about her.