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  • What do you want me to do?

    Hi folks.
    Sorry been a bit busy recently.
    I hear tell by a real live follower that you have been asking were I am.
    Had to let 20 properties in Feb and have been in deep trouble with the local council.
    Thought you might enjoy this funny story. It is true now no made up stuff here.

    Had a ring from a lady with a very limited amount of English asking about my advert for some storage space. Yes into that game also. In this case I had a large garage to let and also at another site a shipping container.
    With great difficulty I found out her name and phone number and gave her directions to the address of the garage. It sort of passed through my mind that she might be into something a bit fishy but just not too sure.
    Well we got there and I demonstrated the garage telling her all the good things one can tell someone about a garage. (just can not help myself giving 100% to sell something even if it only $15 per week)
    Well she says when do I start. Right away I say. As you can see it is empty.
    What do I have to do for you she says.
    Pay me.
    How much. Just $15 per week.
    What time do I come here.
    Only during the day I say. Never come at night I say. It will upset my tenants in the house above.
    but what job do I do she says ?
    Eh what I say.
    Oh she says it said STOREAGE. I thought this was a store I could work at.
    Where do you come from my dear,
    From St Pettersburg Russia. I have been living in Invercargil and now I come to Nelson to work.
    Goodness this is a bit much for poor old me. I think.
    What sort of work can you do, just wondering if she normally worked at night.
    I work in factory and in engineering. I very good. You help me find job ?
    Well this sure left me floundering for words.
    So never without an idea and a deep need to help most people I gave her the name and phone number of one of my Russian tenants and she left with a big smile on her face.
    It just made me stop and admire someone who wants to work for her living and despite all the hurdles someone with limited language has she was not letting it get her down.
    We need more good people like this in our city.
    Go for it lady.