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  • PR and the News

    Hi all,

    I am currently reading a very interesting book titled:

    The Electronic Whorehouse
    By Paul Sheehan
    A book all about the media and what they get up to!

    On page 207 and I quote->

    ...that academic studies in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom have shown that between 60 and 80 per sent of stories run by the media originate from the PR sector.
    Now thats interesting! Don't worry about reality TV - worry about the news!

    I would love to hear peoples thoughts on the book ad/or the statement above.

    Best Regards

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    I have been reading exactly the same thing from the other side - encouraging people to write articles which promote their business/cause and submit to newspapers/magazines as copy. The magazine is happy as it has a free article and you are happy as it (subtly) advertises you.


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      Hello leanne,

      Thats a really great idea - do you have any links regarding that concept?

      Best regards

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        Business news in particular is very PR driven.

        Companies employ PR Agencies to write the copy relating to product launches, results, advertising etc, then leave it to the PR agencies to talk the talk and encourage media to latch on to their story / brief / advertisement.

        If it gets picked-up on then expect to see it in the broadsheets (newspapers or business mags),
        if not, expect it to be pride of place on the companies website......