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PHP-Nuke for everyone!!

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  • PHP-Nuke for everyone!!

    Hi all,

    I am proud to say the the three major NZ property investment web sites are running PHP-Nuke!!

    and Pt!!


    Welcome LadyLea!

    Best Regards

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    I recently had a 'play' with DotNet-Nuke. Looks very similar. It certainly is a very fast way to put together a web site. As a programmer, it almost feels like cheating. I have not got a practical use for it at the moment though.


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      I all most fell off my chair when I saw she had a donate section on her site!! are things that bad now she needs donations!!!

      Wait a minute - she is also copying you with the online chat thing as well..... oh well she is copying you so that means you know more than her on what members want.



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        time to introduce a USP

        Hi Marc

        Now that the 3 sites look similar - might pay to make a few changes to differetiate this site from the others.

        Nice to see you are getting sponsorship rather than donations.


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          Hello all,

          I am happy that Housemouse has gone to Nuke since it allows for additional functionality which will benefit her members.

          The key difference between housemouse/landlords and Pt is that we are focused on providing free information and services to overseas (from NZ) investors and NZ expats. However we warmly welcome any NZ resident to Pt as they had a huge amount of local knowledge to the community.

          I have noticed a couple of local kiwis adding value to this community and wish to thank them and all others who have joined Pt. We are slowly building our community but I see great potential for us especially in the coming months.

          In regards to the web site itself - there is quite a bit of development going on in the background so get ready!

          Best Regards

          Free business resources - www.BusinessBlogsHub.com