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Wedding Cake Indigestion

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  • Wedding Cake Indigestion

    A doctor from a very big corporate is addressing a large gathering of soon-to-be-retired men about the changes they can expect in their later years and most importantly how to look after themselves as they get older.

    "It is important to understand that as you get older the body changes and things you take for granted now may not be the case in later years" he says. "You will have all experienced the natural loss of hair as you get older as well as the natural deterioration of eyesight and in some cases hearing."

    "Most men will also notice a reduction in sexual drive and sexual activity as the golden years draw nearer. All completely normal and nothing at all to worry about," he soothes.

    "It is also very important to know that your body's ability to digest food will change the older you get and it is important you don't overdo the rich and spicy food or drinks with gas in them to add fizz. These can lead to stomach ulcers."

    "Some foods may impact negatively on your enjoyment of life and may slow up your ability to enjoy daily life and the things others take for granted every day."

    "Has anybody got an example of something they may have eaten in the past that is having such an effect now"
    he enquires?

    "My wedding cake" says Paddy.