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Aussies unrepentant over PM's frisking

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  • Aussies unrepentant over PM's frisking

    Hi all,

    Love this one!

    Source-> Stuff.co.nz

    First she was held hostage by striking airline staff. Next they treat her like a suspected terrorist and frisk her for explosives.

    Prime Minister Helen Clark said if her Australian counterpart John Howard had been hauled out of a line and frisked by airport staff like she was in Sydney last month there would have been an uproar.

    But the Aussies don't seem to grasp what the problem is.

    "I'm not sure what we're meant to say here, whether she should be treated differently than everybody else," a spokesman for Australian Transport Minister John Anderson said yesterday.

    A lot of people would think that she should be, it was suggested.

    "And why would they assume that?" the spokesman asked.

    Perhaps because she's the Prime Minister of New Zealand? The incident comes two years after Miss Clark's plane was "hijacked" on the tarmac at Melbourne by Ansett baggage handlers blaming the Government for the airline's collapse.

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    my 2c worth

    If she wore a skirt and put her hair in pigtails people could then tell her and little Johnny Howard apart.

    They were really after him.....