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  • Kiwi One-Liners

    Kiwi One-Liners: from Sideswipe.

    Where's the butter? In the butter conditioner, where it should be.
    I'm an utter peanut butter nutter (from Sanitarium).
    I love mum because she brings home the bacon.
    I'm Vince Martin and this is a blunt axe ...
    Maaarvellous (TV3's John Campbell).
    You'll always be a Kiwi, if you love our Wattie's sauce (sauce ad).
    Thousands of luminous spheres (Suzanne Paul on Natural Glow).
    An orchestrated litany of lies (Justice Peter Mahon, Erebus Royal Commission of Inquiry).
    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx

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    Lyn of Tawa: I've turned this room into a visual symphony (British Paints ad)
    Billy T. Where'd I get my bag? I pinched it! (Modern Bags?? ad)


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      "get a Perm!!" Lotto ad.
      Patience is a virtue.


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        " Ya Manus"....but what in Godzone is a manus?!


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          Now cook me some eggs - Jake the muss
          Chur Bro - unknown source (anyone know?)
          Its the same day David - drink driving ads

          These are normally all said while drinking.


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            Originally posted by Cassandra View Post
            " Ya Manus"....but what in Godzone is a manus?!
            This ad generated one of the more bizarre complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (decision 06/288 ).

            The Complainant, whose name was “Manus” said the use of the word which indicated that Jeff was a fool, had caused him considerable embarrassment.


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              Thanks Super Dad. So its actually a name! (Found on wikipedia) "Manus, a masculine first name derived from the Latin meaning "hand" and, less commonly, a "band of men"

              The complaint you mentioned reminds of a similar one made about "Louey the fly"


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                Manus was a common "insult between mates" in my teens, along with "Wot-are-ya?"


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                  Sweet as
                  Get off the grass
                  Keep cool till after school
                  Premium Villa Holidays in Turkey


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                    Have you been told, today?