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Keeping good tenants

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  • Keeping good tenants

    Something light.

    A mate of mine living up Whakatane way let a house to a nice young lady. She pd a cash bond & 2wks in advance. Sweet he thinks -That was easy. Rings 2 wks later to tell them that they have missed their last rent payment to which she had all the excuses under the sun but promised for next week. Next week -no rent so jumps in his wagon to head out to see her. Gets to the house in the country , a few cars on the lawn and a couple of dogs chained up. He gets to the door to be greeted by a patch member wearing sunnys and smoking a joint the size of a Cuban Cigar .

    Wheres my rent?
    No rent today Bro but I can promise you that we got some big plans for this house.
    My mate starts acting like a nutter. he backs down the steps and starts walking around in circles with a wide eyed gaze chanting "got big plans for this house" Did that 10 times, went to his wagon and gets his hunting rifle and sprints into the scrub up the back of the house. Waits 10 minutes , lets off a shot, waits 10 more then sprints back to his wagon and screeches off up the road.

    He just cant work out why they vacated 3 days later :-)

    True story

    The Jaberwoky.

    The only silly question is the one you didn't ask.

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    Where did he read how to do that.
    Was it Rich dad Poor Dad

    your friend needs to write a book.......... I Like him