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Teaching Us To Fish.

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  • Teaching Us To Fish.

    Hi Guys

    Teaching Us To Fish.

    Came across this post on Somersoft.

    Read it carefully and relate what is said to searching for Investment Property. Rather interesting.

    Happy Reading.

    I can't tell you how many times people have asked me things like, teach me how to fish. And what they really want, is for me to guarantee that they will make money.

    That's basically it, they want a guarantee, now if what I tell them doesn't work for them, they will be upset, say they had a bad teacher.

    Michelle, I would love to teach you how to fish, cause I am sure I can, I've caught quite a few fish in my day, I ain't doin' to bad, but I only catch the fish I like. If I hook something on the line I don't like, I let it go, sometimes it"s something I have never seen before, and I let it go. I only like MY kinds of fish.

    What I would like from you Michelle, is a guarantee that you won't stuff up and blame me, that you won't put limits on me by saying, "No, I don't like your fish, I want you to show me how to be successful with my own fish"...I don't want you to say, "Show me how to be succesfull MY way", I don't know your way....

    And the thing is, and I have said it before, there is NO magic pill....or special lure that will bring the fish rushing to your hook,

    you throw your hook out there just like everybody else does.

    The difference is, some people get tired of fishing, and they go home empty handed, some don't watch their line, and off it goes towed out to sea by a shark, some people are just plain silly and don't even bother baiting their hook.

    It's the fisherperson who can stand there, with baited hook, who keeps recasting, who has the determination to stay on the shoreline till they catch a fish, who keeps watching the water, the tides, the flocks of birds overhead, the person who is really trying to read the signs of where the fish are...that is the successful fisherperson, they will eventually catch a fish, and they will eventually get very good at it.

    And then whilst standing there trying to figure out why your not getting a bite, you watch the sun go down, and everyone else is leaving the beach, but look around you, there is the rest of us diehards, some of us reeling in fish as fast as can be, drinking beer, having a natter to our friends also fishing, then you have found your likeminded friends.

    Approach your likeminded friends and ask them, hey, how did you catch that big 14 pound juicy white fish? And how did you sell it so quickly, for so much?

    Well the person you asked isn't going to reel their line in to tell you about it, they are going to keep on fishing, and yap yap yap, tell you about it, and they will keep on fishing, and they will be laughing how they did it, and gesture wildly about the size of the fish, the fight it put up, how great it was to sell it.

    It's now up to you apprentice Michelle fisherperson, are you REALLY looking at what they are telling you? listen carefully, look where they are pointing to in the ocean, look back up the beach to the place that they are pointing to that bought their fish, this successful fisherperson is opening up their mouth, and telling you everything you need to know.

    Are they going to put their rod down and come over and cast yours out for you? No I don't think so, but it's up to you to listen to them, to watch them, to try to mimic them, and then actully go back to your rod, pick it up, bait it the way they told you, and throw your line, give it a go, you are now wiser, when you cast, you're casting with greater knowledge.

    So what about the fisherperson who isn't fishing anymore. Can they come stand by you and show you how to do it? No, they are tucked up in bed, they don't have the desire or need to be on the beaches anymore. You will have to learn from those still on the beach, and learn before they don't need to be there anymore.

    The thing is,
    it's the doing,

    you can talk about it all you like, but you have to actually do it.

    If you don't know where to start, you're going to have to go sit quietly, and watch the expert, watch what they do, how they do it.

    You may have to try different parts of the beach, you may not like what some people are pulling in, or you may not like the way they kill their fish. Some people can be so inhumane, but watch and make your choice, that is how you will define your own style.
    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx