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  • Rude Sweets story..

    It was a White Knight, and Mr Cadbury and Ms Rowntree were on a River cruise, they met on the Top Deck, It was After Eight. She was from Quality Street; he was an Old Jamaican. They walked hand in hand down Milky Way and around the Family Block.

    They stopped in at the Mars Bar, he had a Rum & Butter and she had A Wine Gum. She asked if he could pass her a Coaster, He said "Sure...Take 5 ". They Decided to leave as the music was too loud, & neither of them liked M&M.

    On the way out he bought her some Roses, She said they were her Favourites. They walked down to his sports car, it was a Red Ferrero.
    He made some small talk, and tried to make out like he was a Smartie.

    She spoke a little but didn't say much as she didn't want to Polly Waffle on. He suggested they should go somewhere quiet. She said if you play your cards right you might get lucky aftertea. He replied, After Dinner?.. Mint! " At this point he knew she was Cherry Ripe!

    He asked her name. "Polo, I'm the one with the hole", she said. "And I'm the one with the Nuts", he thought. Then he touched her Milky Bars, They felt Smooth & Creamy. He thought to himself, They'll definitely melt in your mouth & not in your hand. He told her that he had a King Size Bar, but she thought he might just be telling Fantales.

    They checked into a Motel and went straight to the bedroom. Mr Cadbury turned out the light for a bit of Black Magic. It wasn't long before he slipped his hand down into her Snickers and felt her Kit Kat. She started to play with his Fruit & nuts, But then she said "Stop!"

    He thought she was a Malteaser, But he still wanted to Jaffa. So he showed her his Curly Wurly. Ms Rowntree wasn't keen to have any more Jelly Babies, so she let him take a trip down Bourneville Boulevard.

    He thought this was Fantastic as he always fancied a bit of Fudge.

    It was a Magic Moment as she let out a scream of Turkish Delight. When he finished, his Fun Sized Mars Bar felt a bit Crunchie. She wanted Moro but he needed to take Time Out. However, he noticed her Pink Wafers looked very appetising... So he did a Twirl, had a Picnic in her Sherbet and gave her a Gob Stopper. He was exhausted, so he rolled Over for a Flake.

    Unfortunately Mr Cadbury then had to go home to his wife, Caramel.

    Sadly, he was soon to discover he had caught V.D. It turns out Ms Rowntree had been with All Sorts!!.