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  • Jesus...

    A guy went to a bar and ordered a drink. He looked around the place and noticed a guy at a corner table with long hair and a beard, dressed in a robe and sandals.

    When the bartender brought the drink he asked, "Who does that guy think he is,
    Jesus Christ?"

    The bartender said, "As a matter of fact that is Jesus Christ. He comes in here some afternoons, drinks a glass of wine and leaves."

    The guy says, "Well I'd like to buy him a drink."
    The bar tender said, "Like I said, He just drinks one, but I'll tell him you offered."

    The bartender went over and told Jesus of the offer but He declined.

    About that time another stranger walked in and sat next to the first guy. He saw Jesus and said something to the first guy about it. The first guy told him the story and how he'd offered a drink but He only drinks one.

    About that time Jesus was ready to leave. He walked up to the first guy, extended His hand and said, "Hi, I'm Jesus and I want to thank you for offering me a drink. I hope you understand why I declined."

    The guy shook His hand and said, "I'm Ralph and.... wow I can't believe this.
    I've been suffering from arthritis in this hand for months and now its pain free. Thank you, thank you very much."

    Jesus said, "You're welcome, no problem."

    He then extended His hand to the second guy but he backed away and said, "Hey, it's nice to meet you but please don't touch me. I'm on ACC, OK?"

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    "Anyone got a shekel for an old ex-leper"